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Sewer Repair And Replacement Regina

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For 90% of all blocked plumbing drains in Regina, a simple solution is the use of a sewer snake. It can either push the blockage out to the bigger pipes allowing it to wash away or remove the blockage.
For the other 10% of cases where a sewer snaking doesn’t do the trick, you’ll find yourself in need of a sewer repair.

Sewer Repairs Regina

Sewer repairs are needed beyond what a sewer snake can do for you. There are two types of sewer repairs - inside and outside sewer repairs

Inside sewer repair

When your sewer drain is corroded, collapsed, cracked or sagging. Your main plumbing drain runs under your basement floor and may need to be repaired which may take a couple of days to finish. When doing an inside sewer repair, we open your basement floor allowing for the smallest possible opening to complete the work needed. We will repair the sewer by re-piping the underground plumbing. Once complete, we fill the concrete floor to its original condition.

Outside Sewer Repair
When the problem is outside and relates to your sewer main we may need to dig a trench in your front yard and replace the piping. A mini excavator is used to dig the smallest trench required to replace the piping. After the old piping has been exposed and removed, the new sewer pipe will need to be installed on tamped sand. Once this is complete, usually within 2-3 days, all that’s left to do is throw down some lawn seed and wait