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Regina Drain Cleaning & Unblocking | Drain Clog

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When you have a drain clog or need drain cleaning services, look to Budget to get the job done properly. 

The reason that you may need drain cleaning services include:
• Old galvanized or Cast Iron Drains - A number of neighbourhoods in Regina have exceeded the expected lifetime of metal drainage. These pipes deteriorate from the inside causing the pipe to collect rust building up over time with sediment and debris.
• Improper Plumbing Vents-Improperly vented plumbing fixtures will not drain properly. Have you have ever placed your thumb over a straw extracting the liquid from your glass? Once you take your thumb off of the straw, the liquid comes out. This is similar to your drain system. So improperly vented plumbing can cause this issue.
• Debris down the laundry tub drain - Have you ever cleaned dirty paintbrushes or cleaning other non-water-soluble chemicals in your laundry tub? This can cause drainage issues.
• Grease in your kitchen sink - I think we have all drained our cooking grease down the kitchen sink or at least we know someone in our household has done it. Grease, even in small amounts, will cause blocked drains over time. These are also one of the hardest types of blockages to clear.
• Hair in your shower or bathtub drain - This is one of the more common problems when it comes to clogged drains. The best way to ensure this issue doesn't occur is to install a hair stainer on your drain.
• Flushing food down the toilet - We’ve all done it, yet we all know better.
• Tree roots - Roots from trees can cause issues for sewer drains.
• Toys in the toilet - Yes kids continue to be curious about what can flush down the toilet.
• Sanitary napkins - This is the #1 culprit for homes that have basement bathrooms connected to sewage pumps.
• Counter sloped piping
If you need draining cleaning services or you have a clogged drain, call the professionals at Budget.