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Spring Plumbing Tips

Spring Plumbing Tips

It's official! Winter is over, and spring is here! While the cold weather has finally left us for good, that doesn't mean you should let your guard down. Springtime means you'll have to start thinking about cleaning out your drains, checking your pipes and ensuring that your plumbing system remains in tip-top shape. Spring is the perfect time to check for any damage that winter might have caused to your plumbing system. Let's look at some essential things you should be doing this spring to ensure that your plumbing system is ready for summer!

Winter is hard on your plumbing system, so it's good to inspect everything to ensure no damage has occurred. Start by checking your pipes, they may have frozen and thawed several times over the winter season and developed cracks or leaks you may not know about. After you've checked the pipes, check the faucets and toilets. A leaking faucet doesn't always indicate a leak in your plumbing, but you should still have it fixed to your water bill doesn't skyrocket. You can check toilets for leaks by adding some food colouring to the tank and wait to see if the water changes colour. If you notice the water in the toilet bowl changes colour, you should have it repaired as soon as possible. Leaks in your plumbing system don't only cause higher utility bills; they can cause severe damage to your home. If you discover any leaks in your plumbing system, call a professional plumber as soon as possible to have them repaired. 

Water heaters are used frequently no matter the season, so it's essential to ensure it is working efficiently and safely. Check your water heater for any cracks, leaks or rust. Additionally, if your water heater is more than ten years old, you may want to consider replacing it. You should also drain your water heater to eliminate any sediment that may have built up over the winter. Over time, sediment will collect in the bottom of your water heater. Sediment will not only reduce how efficiently your water heater works, but it could also mean you will need to replace it before its expected life span. Draining your water heater can be a time-consuming process, and it requires some basic plumbing knowledge. Call a professional plumber if you have never done this yourself or are not comfortable doing it! 

Regularly cleaning your drains will help avoid blockages and keep your plumbing system in good condition, and it's a task that you can do yourself. We don't recommend using chemical drain cleaners as they can harm your plumbing system and the environment. Instead, pour 1 cup baking soda into the drain, followed by half a cup vinegar. Cover with a drain stopper for about 15 minutes before flushing with hot water. This method can be used on any drain and is environmentally friendly! If you have a clogged drain that this method won't remove, you may need to call a plumber for help. There are lots of methods for unclogging a drain, but with some, you may risk damaging your pipes. This is why we recommend calling a licensed and professional plumber for help.

Proper maintenance is essential for ensuring your plumbing system is working correctly. The topics we discussed above are great maintenance tips, but you can do some other things to ensure your plumbing system stays in perfect shape!

  1. Check to see if your valves are working by turning them regularly. If your valves are in the open position for too long with no movement, they may get stuck and be hard to close if you have a plumbing issue.
  2. Check your sump pump to ensure that it will work when you need it the most. Adding a backup battery might be a good idea to avoid potential flooding in case of power outages during heavy rain or spring thawing seasons.
  3. Check your outdoor taps and sprinklers. Winter may have damaged them, and while they may not leak inside the house, outdoor leaks can cause water to penetrate the foundation of your home and cause severe damage.

If you take these steps regularly, you can rest easy knowing that everything is in order!

You can avoid unpleasant spring plumbing surprises by getting your plumbing system ready before winter weather breaks. Don't wait for a leak to develop, for winter weather to end, or for a stormy spring to begin. Take action now and get your plumbing ready before winter weather breaks. You will avoid unpleasant spring plumbing surprises and save money in the long run by taking care of these tasks ahead of time. If you need any assistance with your plumbing, give the experts at Budget Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning a call. Our team will make sure your plumbing system is working the way you need it to be! Contact us today!