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How A Sump Pump Works and Why You Need One

How A Sump Pump Works and Why You Need One

In Regina, sumps pumps are necessary to protect your home from flooding, especially in the spring and summer. By having a sump pump system installed in your home, you can save thousands of dollars in repair costs. If your basement is susceptible to floods, or even if it has just flooded once or twice, it's worth investing in a proper sump pump system. If you're not exactly sure how a sump pump works or why you need one, here are some things you should know!

sump pump is a machine that takes up excess water and helps to protect your property from flooding. Sump pumps prevent your home from flooding and are usually installed in the basement or crawl space of your home. They rely on gravity to draw extra water into the pump and then back out the drainpipe at the bottom of the pump, which can be a hose or a pipe. The majority of the time, the sump pump is on standby, waiting until it's needed. When the snow melts, or it begins to rain heavily, the soil around your home can become oversaturated. The excess groundwater funnels into the sump pit, filling it with water. This will activate the float switch and turn on the pump. The sump pump removes water from the pit by draining it into a nearby storm drain, dry well, or detention pond, preventing the water from entering your basement and causing a flood. In this way, a sump pump acts as an extra piece of flood insurance!

Sump pumps work in two ways. First of all, the pump sends water through a tube up to the top of a sump basin, basically like a catch basin built into your property. From there, the water will flow into a drainpipe and eventually out of your property. Second, when it comes to preventing flooding from burst pipes or other sources, sump pumps will fill up their respective basements with water. This is done to prevent any additional damage caused by overflowing liquid that gets caught inside your home.

Another important point about how sump pumps work is that they are powered by electricity. So if you have an electrical outlet nearby, you can plug in the pump to get it going immediately. If you don't have an outlet nearby, then you'll need to be sure there's enough power supply (like a battery) on hand as well.

Installing a sump pump is a small investment with some significant advantages. Some of the benefits of adding a sump pump to your home are:

  1. Defends your basement from floods
  2. Keeps basement appliances safe
  3. Reduces the possibility of mould, mildew, and fungus
  4. It helps prevent termites and other insect infestations
  5. Improve indoor air quality
  6. Keep your foundation intact
  7. It makes your basement drier and more comfortable year-round
  8. It helps you meet a requirement for homeowner's insurance coverage of basement flood damage

There are numerous benefits to having a sump pump in your home, but some properties need them more than others. We suggest installing a sump pump if you live in an area that receives heavy snow or rain. If your house was built in a low-lying area or on poorly draining soil. Your basement has flooded in the past or if you have a finished basement. Sump pumps are an excellent way to help prevent basement flooding from occurring. While a sump pump won't prevent water from coming in, it helps get it out, preventing it from collecting and pooling underneath your floor, causing more severe damage in the future. We recommend all homeowners have a sump pump system installed to help protect their homes. 

Sump pumps can be installed by yourself, but we suggest hiring a professional plumber to install one for you. Our team of expert plumbers at Budget Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning have years of experience installing sump pump systems in homes in Regina and area. Our sump pump installation services are worry-free and will give you added peace of mind when it comes to protecting your home. Contact us today for all your sump pump installation needs!