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Furnace Maintenance Tips

Furnace Maintenance Tips

During the winter months, your furnace is one of the most essential pieces of equipment in your home. A properly maintained furnace system will provide maximum heat output without wasting energy and keep you safe from harmful emissions. If you put off furnace maintenance for too long, it could cause more significant problems. Your furnace could run up your energy bill, reduce indoor air quality or even break down when it is needed the most. Unfortunately, many homeowners wait until they notice a problem with their furnace to have it maintenanced. Proper furnace maintenance can help you catch potential problems early to ensure that your furnace remains fully functional and operational. Here are some furnace maintenance tips you can use to keep your home warm, cozy and safe during the winter months.

1) Use a Furnace Filter: A furnace filter is an essential part of your heating system. The right furnace filter will help keep the air in your home clean while preventing dust and other allergens from entering the system. Not only that, but filters help by reducing the amount of energy your furnace needs to operate. A furnace filter can even help extend the life of your furnace. Furnace filters should be changed every month during the winter months when it is used more often. This ensures clean air is circulating in your home, which is especially vital for people who suffer from respiratory illness or allergies. Proper furnace maintenance starts with changing furnace filters regularly, which should be done every month during the winter season.

2) Clean your Vents and Ducts:  Making sure your vents and ducts are clean and in good working condition is another crucial part of furnace maintenance. Take a walk around your home at the beginning of each season to inspect them. Ensure all vents are accessible and the floor registers are free of dust, pet hair and debris. Debris inside the vents can move down into the ductwork and reduce your heating system's efficiency. Remove the floor registers and vacuum up any messes that you find around them. It may also be wise to have your ducts cleaned professionally, especially if you have had renovations done or it's been a while since they were cleaned. Keeping your furnace in perfect working condition doesn't take much time or effort and is worth it in the long run.

3) Check the Blower Motor:  Your furnaces blower motor drives the fan that provides airflow for the furnace. In addition to providing air for your furnace, most furnace blowers provide air for air conditioning systems as well. The air filter is also installed in the furnace blower. Your furnaces blower motor has many working parts, and if they are not well maintained, your furnace can start to break down. A loud furnace blower can indicate a problem with the furnace blower's electric motor or with its blower wheel. A loud humming sound usually indicates an electrical problem with the furnace. If you are unsure how to inspect your furnace's blower motor, our trained technicians can help you inspect and identify any issues before your furnace begins to deteriorate.

4) Have Your Furnace Professionally Serviced Every Year: It's essential to take care of your furnace to ensure it's in top working condition. One crucial thing that should never be skipped is having your furnace serviced professionally every year. We recommend having one of our furnace experts come out every year for a routine check-up. This gives them a chance to diagnose potential problems before they become significant issues. Our experts will inspect everything from the blower motor to the venting system. They will also check the igniter and circuit boards. Knowing that our professionals are coming out means you can rely on them to do a thorough job and help you prevent furnace issues. 

One of the first steps to a more energy-efficient home is a clean and properly maintained furnace. But, if the furnace starts to fail, it's essential to know what to expect and what to do. At Budget Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide regular furnace cleaning and maintenance and emergency heating services in Regina, SK and area. Our service experts will provide you with the best solution at a great price. Our skilled technicians are expertly trained and certified to ensure that any furnace issues are properly diagnosed and fixed the first time correctly. Contact Budget today for all your heating needs!