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Bathroom Plumbing & Renovations Regina

When doing a bathroom renovation or adding a new bathroom to your home it is important to have it done correctly. Budget Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning can help do it right. Plumbing codes in Saskatchewan have strict standards as to how the plumbing in your bathroom is installed. There are a number of considerations when building a bathroom or renovating an existing one. Some of which include how the bathroom plumbing is layed out. Bathroom plumbing can be restricted by floor joints especially the location of your toilet however plumbing lines can go just about anywhere in the bathroom. Plumbing fixtures are another consideration when renovating. We always recommend brand names. The advantage of installing brand name plumbing fixtures is that as fixtures get older, parts can still be found for most brand names.


We would be pleased to discuss other considerations regarding your bathroom renovations that are unique to your home.